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The Vision

Without a Vision the People!

Our Vision

Our Vision is ‘To impact the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ’.   We aim to be a church where an individual “regardless of race, gender, social or economic background, can experience the limitless love of God and experience His grace and forgiveness”.

Our vision is to be a Place where:

  • The Hurting can be Healed

  • The Rejected can be Accepted

  • The Lost can find Life

  • The abused and misused can find Purpose, Power and fulfil their Potential in Christ!

We aim to produce Champions for the Kingdom, regardless of the kind of start a person may have had in life.  It is our belief that:

“irrespective of a person’s cultural background, social or educational setbacks, emotional or psychological challenges, the power of God and the power of His Grace is able to heal, deliver and transform them and give them the power to become Champions”.

The goal of our Ministry is to positively affect the lives of Children, Teens, Young Adults, the middle aged and the elderly.  We believe in strengthening marriages and teaching singles to live accomplished, fulfilled lives.  In essence, we want to be a place where all the family can come and have their lives enriched by the power and love of God.

The Method

The method to fulfilling our vision is summarised by ‘7 E’s:

  1. Evangelise – “Reach the lost at any cost”

  2. Educate – Teaching & Discipleship

  3. Encourage – Ministries that foster Friendship, Fellowship and Unity

  4. Empower – Enable those previously held back in life to love fulfilled lives

  5. Equip – Training and Developing individuals to work in Ministry

  6. Economic Development – A strong focus on Personal, Economic and Social Growth

  7. Exalt – Fulfilling ministry in a powerful atmosphere of Worship and Praise