Powerful Women of Purpose Ministry

Powerful Women of Purpose

Our Women’s Ministry here at Grace is called ‘Powerful Women of Purpose’.  We have a dynamic team of ladies that work tirelessly to design ‘life impacting’ programmes and events that fulfil our church motto of ’changing lives in a changing world’.

Key Events/Activities

  • Early Morning Prayer and Breakfast 7-9am

  • Health Seminars & Workshops

  • Life Enrichment programme

  • Annual Women’s Retreat

  • Mother and daughter Prayer

  • Social events throughout the year

  • Daughters of Destiny Program (for our young ladies)

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Our vision for our women is that they become Powerful Women of Purpose, informed, empowered and inspired by the Word of God.  We want them to become mature in God totally depending on Him no matter what issues and struggles they face, and in every case come out winners!

So many women are crying out for a change. They are tired of the ‘same old same old’ and are seeking fulfilment and purpose in their life. Our Women’s Ministry aims to meet that need by pointing women to Christ and helping them develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Thereafter, the Ministry runs a variety of programmes, workshops, social events etc, that minister to the total person i.e. Spirit, Soul and Body! It is so inspiring to see the transformation that takes place in the lives of so many of our women!  Many came in broken hurting, depressed, and unable to cope with life’s challenges. Yet, through prayer and encouragement they recover, receive healing and become empowered to live fulfilled lives.

So many of our women have returned to full or part-time education and come out with Diplomas, Degrees and Masters Qualifications. Others have started or are being mentored to start their own business. Many who were shy and retiring are now actively involved in ministry, praying for others and reaching out to the lost.  And that’s great, because the truth is we are ‘saved to save others’.