Bishop Paul Reid - Pastor

Suffragan Bishop P. Reid

Suffragan Bishop Paul Reid is the Senior Pastor and founder of Grace Tabernacle Christian Ministries, a fast-growing Christian fellowship in Croydon, South London.  He is a highly anointed, multi-gifted servant of the Lord, primarily called to teach and preach the word of God.

His goal is to “present the truths of God’s Word in a practical and relevant manner, enabling God’s people to attain maturity and a fuller understanding of their purpose, position, privileges and power as sons of God”.  His belief is that, “A good teacher makes complex things simple; a poor teacher makes simple things complex“.


Pastor Reid became a pastor in 1993, (the church being previously pastored by his father and mentor Rev Joseph Reid).  The focus of his vision for Grace Tabernacle derives from Genesis 17:5 where the Lord said to Abraham “Kings shall come out of thee”.  The Lord placed on our Pastor’s heart that he had been called to produce “Kings” i.e. ‘Great Champions’ for the Kingdom; Hence, Grace Tabernacle is known as “The Place Where Champions are Made”.

Bishop Paul Reid - Vision
Bishop Paul Reid - Background


Pastor Reid’s call to the ministry was prophetically announced at 17, and he was appointed to the ministry at age 18, making him the youngest minister in the Organisation. He was greatly influenced by his father Reverend Joseph Reid and his mother, the late Evangelist Corletta Reid. It was his mother, Evangelist Reid, who “rebuked death”, when he almost died at age eight from an attack of bronchitis. With his brothers and sisters crying, recognising that death had come for their brother, his mother wrestled all night in prayer and repelled ‘Death’s attack’, until the breakthrough came in the morning.

Suffragan Bishop Paul Reid owes much of his godly influence to his parents who brought him up in a strict godly environment, which formed the foundation of his ministry.


Pastor Reid was ordained as a District Elder in August 2011.  In May of 2015 he was ordained by the Diocesan Bishop, the honourable Bishop C. Wayne Brantley, to the office of Suffragan (Assistant) Bishop.   Pastor Reid’s God given ministry has taken him to numerous countries around the world including: the United States of America, Canada, Jamaica, Italy, France and Germany.  He also has a strong passion for praise and worship and is gifted of God in this area.

Pastor Reid is married to his darling wife, Lady Theresa Reid and has two children, David and Caitlyn.

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